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Thank you for your interest in the services of STAR IMAGE. Are you an ambitious and talented person with a great deal to offer but do not know how to package yourself for success? Our image consulting programs are custom tailored to meet each individual specific needs and goals,

The STAR IMAGE program is based on the theory of perceived Image, and strategies to maximize and optimize your personal image. The entertainment industry has become so incredibly competitive that to be successful takes more than talent and/or luck. It takes the right package. In addition to talent, you need motivation, hard work, and the right image. Managers and agents do not take the time to package their clients anymore. Youre on your own, and must take responsibility for communicating yourself visually.

When you walk into a room, some decisions are made about you in the first 5 seconds. If that first, nonverbal impression is negative, or even neutral, it will take almost a miracle to overcome it. So why not create a positive impression in the first place?
In our STAR IMAGE program, we convey these important principles in simple, concrete language with practical demonstrations and applications to reinforce the theory. We will address your lifestyle and career goals as they relate to creating your personal style. This is truly an education in how to create and maintain your best, most effective personal image.

First Consultation: Studio or Client Home 3-4 hours
Making flattering, correct choices about grooming, clothes, hair and makeup is theFashion-Barb result of understanding and applying precise principles of color, line, shape, form, pattern and texture. Your personal style depends on successfully harmonizing your personality with your coloring, your body type, your lifestyle, your environment and your personal and professional goals.

This first session includes a comprehensive exploration of your goals, lifestyle, and current wardrobe. We would like to view your latest Theatrical Headshots, and discuss the plan of management or self- promotion. We would also like to view your printed materials, including resume and cover letter, business cards and stationery.

We will get to know you by discovering your fashion personality and preferences, social activities and personal and professional lifestyles. A popular option is to meet in our clients home for our first session. This will allow us access to your present wardrobe. To start an intelligent and economical new wardrobe plan you might need assistance in an evaluation of the wearables, repairables and discards. We will consider alterations and wardrobe organization. At this time we will gain a general idea of your accessory needs, i.e., scarves, jewelry, shoes, etc., as well as your professional accouterments.

We will structure the organization of your clothes closets and drawers. If needed, we will create a photographic documentary, consisting of approximately thirty to forty images, which will serve as a visual record of the different combinations of attire we will be creating from your wardrobe.

Second Consultation: Studio 3 hours
In this session, at the Academy, we will do a complete color analysis to determine Image-colors3which colors in clothing are best suited for your skin, hair and eye coloring. You will receive a Personal Color Palette wallet as a shopping guide. This handy guide will assist you with your no mistakes selection of garments, accessories and cosmetics to flatter your own natural coloring. We will assess your hair color and style for appropriateness to your face shape, coloring and lifestyle goals. At this session we will instruct you in the art of applying your own makeup (male or female). As an entertainment artist you would be wise to understand what theatrical techniques and makeup colors are attractive on you.
You are your business. The hired Makeup Artist might be having a bad day!

Third Consultation: Studio 2 hours
We analyze your physique/figure through proportion measurements and the use of a comprehensive Ideal Silhouette computer program. Your personalized program will describe the styles of shirts/blouses, collars, jackets, dresses, trousers/slacks, casual and evening attire that are appropriate for your body type. This no mistake approach to classic dressing will ease those stressful shopping decisions. You will know exactly what is correct and flattering for your body proportions! At this session we will also review your fashion personality, which will help us in determining which styles are best suited to who you are and what you want your image to say.


Fourth Consultation: Client Home 3-4 hours
Now that you have been color analyzed, and understand your body proportions, we will revisit your wardrobe at home with this new information. We will determine your Core Wardrobe and establish the basics for your casual, sports, business/professional, formal and travel wardrobes. We will explore the creative and dramatic elements that will allow you to develop a personal style that is unique, with an emphasis on clothing suitable for casting auditions, go sees,or to be seen at social affairs about town. I will show you how to coordinate your casual and professional attire to get the most variety and use from you existing wardrobe by mixing and matching separates. We will implement the first phase of your wardrobe plan, determining add-ons to your existing wardrobe with a budget plan.

Fifth Consultation: Professional and Personal Shopping Experience 3 hourswoman shopping
To be a smart shopper you must purchase with a plan, not by impulse. I will show you, in the market place, how a professional shopper makes wise buying decisions. We will consider your shopping budget, which is of paramount importance in determining where, when, why and how you shop. We will review your wardrobe plan and create a checklist of existing wardrobe staples and necessary future purchases.

Sixth Consultation: More Shopping 2-3 hours
You know what you are doing now! I will be there to support you in your new confidence and ease of STAR IMAGE decision making.

Fee structure for our service

Our hourly rate fee for these services is set at $150.

Your private initial evaluation and consultation appointment fee is $150. This fee will be deducted from tuition upon enrollment in the full STAR IMAGE program.

The total cost for the STAR IMAGE Personal Image Enhancement is $2,575.

Upon program completion, STAR IMAGE offers seasonal (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, and Holiday) updates at the discount rate of $75 per hour. These updates are instructional shopping trips.

Business is the world most competitive sport. Success is not guaranteed.

Self-confidence and self-esteem radiates from a person who likes who they are, how they feel, and how they look! This program is part of the package that will attract the attention and gain the extra edge in your profession and in your life!

Are you ready to project your own personal aura of success, confidence, warmth and ease? Do you have the ambition to realize your potential? Then we would like to meet you!

Call  310-650-4700 and lets get started!

Barbara Layne Ph.D.
AICI Professional Certified

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