Teen’s Fashion Program

The ideal gift before Prom, College and Job Seeking!

Every young lady is unique. With the right training, every girl can feel and project a more Teen-15bpositive self image. It is simply a matter of learning the skills that enhance all areas of appearance and etiquette.

One-on-one custom program can be designed with your Teen.

The following is our full program in only three sessions!
Four friends can participate for a reduced tuition.


Image Enhancement First impressions and self esteem
Personal Grooming #1- Methods of proper Skin Care
Understanding your face shape and measurements
The and Donts of glamour
Are the latest trends right for you? How?
Fun with appropriate make-up application
Hair grooming and styling tips for new looksteen fashion

Smiles and Photographs
Creating your personal Look book


Personal grooming #2 Proper methods of Nail Care
Learning Nail fashion tricks <ax and trends.
Total Self-care and a boost of self-confidence!
Color yourself BEAUTIFUL! You will learn your best
Fashion and make-up rainbow of colors, determined from
Your unique skin undertone, hair, and eye color.

WOW! Look at me now!


Develop a sense of STYLE through individual analysis of
“Body Type”. Learning wardrobe tricks to enhance your
figure blessings with tips to hide the “others”
The three “P’s” of success – Posture, Poise and Performance
Walking, talking, sitting or standing, creates an image that projects a positive attitude and self-esteem. Mind your Manners – social and dining skills.

Includes a “Color book” wallet for no mistake shopping and your Image reference workbook


For information on Dates – Times – Directions please call 310-650-4700

Co – Author of “Models Bootcamp”
Certified Image Consultant – Master Make-up Artist
Professional status – Association of Image Consultants International
Co-Author Book “Inspired Style”

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