The Magic Butterfly

Observing a caterpillar’s transformation to butterfly is magical. Their process of Magic Butterflytransformation brings with it the same dynamics we experience in our transformation from mere personality to fully charactered soul: a lifelong process of becoming fully human –fully alive! Not all caterpillars become butterflies. Some die prematurely by neglecting to take the necessary precautions to enable their survival until the proper time for their “rite of passage.” Others simply remain grounded, refusing to risk the unknown challenges of flight.

Caterpillars are not alone. People struggle to experience their true potential in becoming fully charactered human beings as well. We may wonder “can we lift ourselves from this muddled existence?”

“Fly!” our inner core whispers. “Fly to greater heights…Experience all you were born to become.” Repeatedly, from deep within us, our better self, challenges us to risk the unknown—to break free of our old inadequate patters and chart a new course for places yet unknown.

“Recreate yourself! Discover your passions! Complete your purpose in life!” We hear.  At every turn in life we face ourselves. Caterpillars who learn to fly listen to their instincts and voice of truth. Each individual must decide to accept or reject his or her personal flight.

Some people prefer to continue crawling, like the caterpillar, in an established rut of comfort zones. Some find pleasure in merely observing others in flight, satisfied to experience life through the eyes of another. Some people fly for a brief time, but were ill prepared. They fell victim to unrealistic expectations about their role as a butterfly.

They didn’t pay attention to the dangers of predators who want to keep them crawling!!!

Still, some will persist and embrace the challenge to fly and humbly experience new and rewarding horizons throughout their lifetime. Will you?

 Spread your wings – let your beautiful colors show – and FLY!

Please read on about our various programs…we have all you need to start your flight!

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