Whether you have been actively pursuing your career in makeup, looking to brush up on the basics, or have the need to add some great photographs to your portfolio these professional workshops will be beneficial to advancing your career.

  • Custom On Location WorkshopsAMF-M
  • Cosmetic Techniques Seminar
  • Glorious Eyes
  • Caucasian Skin Undertone Analysis
  • Mature Beauties & Glamorous Grannys
  • Ethnic/Cultural Makeup
  • Exotic Asian Makeup
  • Camera-Ready Bridal Makeup
  • Head Shot & Media Makeup for Men
  • Media Clean Beauty Makeup
  • Black & White vs. Color Photography
  • Retro/Period Glamour Makeup
  • Professional Fantasy Makeup
  • Personal Fantasy Makeup
  • Personal Beauty for the Professional

The Academy specializes in small class sizes to ensure students personal attention. Since space is limited we recommend that you enroll early to secure your station. All classes are lecture, demonstrations followed by hands-on student practical applications. In some cases workshops can be one on one.

Each workshop is unique in time schedule and tuition. To enroll for more than one class within a 3 month period, you will receive a $50 credit. Often the total cost of classes taken to maintain and improve professional skills is Tax Deductible!

If we have not listed exactly what you are looking for, we will create an exciting private custom program with your priority interest and budget in mind. Contact us at 310-650-4700


Watch your profits soar when you add professional makeup artistry to your salon or business services! Get a group discount when you organize a student makeup party! Minimum of 6 or maximum of 10 in your group if you come to the Academy location. If you have a larger group we will come to your location if you have workshop space at your salon, store, or company. Please register two months in advance.


This class introduces new makeup artists to the basic principles of facial design. Barbara Layne will demonstrate how to create looks that adapt to the clients lifestyle and the step-by-step procedures emphasizing corrective techniques. We will also apply these corrective principles to all willing students in the class. Excellent preliminary class for those considering a career change into professional makeup artistry. Check it out!


This intensive workshop includes professional tips on makeup application for eyebrows, eyeshadows and lashes. Learn proper eyebrow arching, all types of eyeliner, and an array of shadowing techniques for various eye shapes with colors that work. How to apply cluster or strip lashes for that look at me glamour look!


Having difficulty deciding which shade of lipstick or eyeshadow combination to use on your client? In this class you will learn how to find the essential makeup colors for any (natural or enhanced) blonde, gray, brunette, or redhead! You will confidently select makeup shades based on your models skin color, skin undertones, eyes and hair color. You will understand the principles of mixing colors to meet skin tone requirements. This is an essential makeup basic to becoming a professional artist!


Todays mature woman is more active and in better shape than ever before. Her goal is to look as good as she feels! Learn how to erase years off your clients face. Recapture the glow expressed at twenty-five, without using twenty-five year old makeup application! Fix common makeup mistakes with proper color selection and application techniques. Amazing highlighting and camouflage tips. Corrective eye shadow for 50s to 80s. Solve this clients beauty questions and you will see her regularly, along with her friends and family!


Every cultural ethnicity has their unique beauty and they all want to look their best!
This class teaches the special makeup techniques and color selection skill needed for beautiful women with darker skin tones. You will learn to recognize a wide variety of skin types and which foundations work. How to counterbalance the skin variations. Concealer and camouflage procedures for their particular needs. Highlight and shading glamour tips. Popular eye and lip trends. Photographing in Black and White film tips.


Exotic Asian MakeupAsian-1

Barbara Layne opened an Academy of Makeup and two Glamour Photography studios in Tokushima, Japan. She also taught workshops in Seoul Korea and Bangkok, Thailand, and is now coming to you with expert knowledge about these cultures. This client is usually intimidating to the new makeup artist. To make the income you desire €“ you would be wise to add this workshop to your education! Asian women usually have a reserved quality to their personalities. Their look is unique, with gorgeous black hair, smooth skin and dark exotic eyes. Depending on her nationality her eyes might have a slant up, down or across. The skin tone is either fair beige or has a honey tint. Her cheekbones are usually high and the face shapes are frequently square or round and full. The exotic eyes come from the shape of the orbital bone. The lid of an Asian client folds differently than that of an Anglo-European face. Working with the flatter eye shape is exciting and offers many makeup choices. Learning to correctly contour and highlight your clients features to create dimension is a major determinate in being a success when it comes to pleasing these beauties.



Camera-Ready Bridal Makeup

Learn everything you need to know about developing your wedding services. This class will present a complete picture that begins with the brides initial interview and consultation, to the trial run,and to the wedding day. You will learn the makeup techniques and color schemes for the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Brides Maids. Camera-ready principles. Knowing the elements: attire, setting, and the time of day. We will end with the business end of Brides strategies for developing your Bridal business, bridal packages and fee structures. Complete with wardrobe and veil includes taking photographs for your Portfolio!





Head Shot & Media Makeup for MenMen-1

Who are the men that need makeup? Actors theatrical head shots, Extras on films and TV, Models, Political figures, Bride Grooms, Industrial Films and Corporate Brochures from the CEO to a Construction Worker. Come and learn effective makeup techniques for male clients that face the sharp eye of the camera. Men have a lot of the same skin discolorations as women do. They have red blood vessels, dark circles and uneven skin tones. The truth is that men need makeup more than women do, because men are not taught to take care of their skin. Would you use lipstick, mascara or eyeliner? Yes, if they need it. The trick is how much? You will learn basic grooming skills, how to avoid the over made up look, cover 5 oclock shadow, common flaws and imperfections. You and your model will have on camera experience at a photo shoot for your portfolio just for the cost of developing.




Media Clean Beauty MakeupCB-2

Makeup fashions and trends continue to change season to season and year to year. However there is one style makeup application which is timeless. The look is called the Clean Beauty Makeup. What makes it timeless is that it is a very natural look especially designed for women who are going to be photographed in any medium whether it be still photography, television, motion pictures or editorial print. It is 100% skin correction creating a flawless appearance on film. You will learn techniques for Body Makeup. Your model will be photographed bare shouldered, with no accessories and smooth and uncontrived hairstyle. In Hollywood, if you have not mastered this one you are not a makeup artist!
This is an essential technique to present in your Portfolio. If you have a goal for self-supporting financial income I strongly suggest this one! Its difficult, its exciting, and its GORGEOUS!

Black & White vs. Color Photography

One of our most popular classes! You will decide on the look of your model. From Natural to Ultra High Fashion! This is the class for makeup artists who want to learn the highly specialized techniques required for high fashion and commercial photo work. When you master the art of photography makeup, you will always have work!!! Learn about the vast difference between these two film types. Various color value choices. How to achieve visual balance to contrasting color or facial features. Body makeup. Highlight and shading techniques for hard or soft facial features. Various techniques for dark skin tones. Lighting effects. Differences between studio and outdoor location settings. We will show you how to display your work by building an exciting professional Portfolio, Composite or Zed Card.

Retro / Period Glamour MakeupEra-3

Learn the exciting makeup looks of the eras from the 20s to the 70s. Todays looks are inspired by fashions current love affair with the looks of the past! This class teaches the history of cinema makeup to acquaint you with the classic and timeless looks of yesteryear. The Academy provides a hands-on environment with costumes and accessories. Students will learn Period Hair Styles to help your makeup creation believable to the Era. For the cost of developing, we will take the photographs of your masterpiece. Your Portfolio will shine with drama! You will gain valuable creative experience in the high fashion glamour Retro looks seen today in magazines, music videos, film and television.
This is the meaning of FUN!

Professional Fantasy Makeup

You have seen it in on the Catwalk and in Fashion Magazines selling clothes to watches!
To create a fantasy face, you need to think about makeup in totally new ways. Work with new colors and apply them in new creative and bold ways. Anything goes! Don’t think in terms of eyeshadow, lipstick or blusher think COLOR. Look at every item in your makeup kit as potential paint for any area of the face. Be an artist extraordinaire!
You may be asked to do this special makeup for events. You will be ready with ideas and experience, and be able to show your creative imagination in your Portfolio! Even if you are never asked to do this kind of work, your representation of imagination and artistry of color will speak volumes for you. Every student has LOVED this class!Fa.-2

Personal Fantasy Makeup

You may want a colorful face for an evening makeup, into the realm of pure fantasy! A fantasy face is for those times when you want an extraordinary, imaginative, all-eyes-on-you look! This would be your time to shine. If you do professional makeup now then what better way to advertise your expertise and imagination as an artist?!? Its WILD and FUN!

Personal Beauty for the Professional

Professional beauty artists spend so much time taking care of others that we sometimes forget about ourselves! Yet we should be the walking ad for what we do! This is a private class designed for the Beauty Professional. From artist to artist we start with the fundamentals and essentials of your Total Beauty. We then proceed to explore the question: What do you want your image to say about you? This would depend on your particular beauty industry. You will be carefully color analyzed with our Your True Colors Draping System, to determine your personal color palette, and then given a complete corrective makeover like you have never had before! As a bonus We will also take 24 promotional photographs with the looks that sell!

For more information please contact use at 310-650-4700

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